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Tired of trying to make money on eBay with .99 cent ebooks?


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Hi I'm Jeffrey Blake partner at YourHappyClients.Com

We do B2B consulting and provide promotional services for entrepreneurs that market online.

Let me ask you a strange question:

"Have you ever tried to open a jar of pickles with a hammer?"

Yes, it's a bit silly to visualize but unfortunately, many people use the wrong tools to accomplish important tasks all the time.

Right now hundreds of people are trying to sell cheap (.99 cent) ebooks on eBay (and other sites).

Unless I miss my guess they are doing this to improve their financial situation and help their families live a better life.

They mistakenly think that the way to do this is to sell cheaper and cheaper!

Some well-meaning entrepreneurs are even selling batches (dozens or more) of ebooks for a couple of dollars.

These entrepreneurs don't understand the Power of A Value Proposition!

The $5,000 Hamburger
Have you ever heard of the FleurBurger 5000?

It's a hamburger that you can buy for $5,000.00 dollars. Nope, that's not a typo. It's five-thousand dollars!


The FleurBurger is made from Kobe beef stuffed with black truffles and foie gras, garnished with truffle sauce, and served on a brioche truffle bun.

Certainly a far cry from McDonald's dollar menu.

There are lots of places online that you can read about it. But without laboring the point Mandalay Bay has created enough value and are raking in the BIG BUCKS with this unique epicurean delight.

Here's the Lesson
Unless you do a good job establishing the value for your product then it's tempting to have your customers establish a value for you. This will turn your product or service into a commodity.


That's the last thing you want to happen.


And, unfortunately, that's how you wind up selling ebooks for .99 cents!


The Drop Shipping Nightmare!
If you haven't tried dropshipping then consider these words of advice. There are many problems with drop shipping.


Here are just a few of them:

- Logistics and communication problems with foreign distributors.
- Shipment of wrong, and/or faulty, product.

- The time and money you wasted.

- You must buy the product, usually in lots, in advance.
- High monthly fees for the privilege of drop shipping.
- Offering products at eBay only to then discover that the products are out of stock.

- Needing to refund the faulty or wrong product (a real nightmare)!

The "Drop Ship from Amazon to eBay" Trick!

Whatever you do, do not get caught in this trap.


What's the trick?


Copying and pasting images of lower-priced products (and their descriptions) from Amazon and selling them on eBay.

Here's the scheme:


1) The buyer will purchase the product from you.

2) You will order the product on Amazon.

3) Amazon will ship the product.


You think it's a big win-win because:


1) You would never touch the product.

2) You can do this dozen of times each day.

3) Everybody wins!


Right? Wrong!

The Reality!
- Buyers discover that the product actually costs less than you charged (because the receipt was left in the box).


- They complain to Amazon or/and eBay and your accounts get shut down!

- You list the Amazon product on eBay but by the time your auction is over -- the Amazon merchant has run out of stock!

- The buyer decides that he wants a refund and you are left holding the product.

If you value the eBay and Amazon accounts you have don't put them at risk!

Benefits Of Our Approach

Here are just a few benefits of the "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" approach:

- You don't have to stock inventory.
- You generate the product as needed (produce on demand).
- Price points are held because of Reseller's agreement.
- You avoid any pricing war (and race to the lowest price).
- Safely generate daily income which adds up quickly.

"So What is this?"
"100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" will share strategies currently being used by wealthy eBay entrepreneurs (Powersellers).



Unlimited Income!


You will get the complete digital system with the ability to earn money with it over and over again.


This makes your income unlimited! Since this system is digital you will be earning income around the clock.


This will happen while you are working, sleeping, and going about your normal life.



- social media

- physical products

- making YouTube videos

- wasting money on ads

- having to become an expert




If you think that the pandemic or a recession will stop your cash flow what you will discover through this system will open your eyes to the 'new digital economy.'


Get ready to take a deep dive into the truth behind the way great money is still being made on eBay.

Here's just some of what you will learn in "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay":

Who Says You Can't "Get Rich Quick"?

Making Money With Vices

Making Money With Luxury

Making Money With Mysticism

Making Money With Distribution

Making Money With Software

Making Money With Revenge

Making Money With Greed

Making Money With Power

Right now online entrepreneurs are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars (some are paying it monthly) to learn these secrets.

How Does the System Work?

When you purchase "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" you get the following benefits:

- Resale Rights and the ability to sell this complete system for $47.00 dollars!

- You can sell this system on eBay (or anywhere else) and earn unlimited income from it.





What You Receive:


- You will immediately receive a .zip file with the "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" .PDF file on it.


- You will receive these website files. (Someone from Fiverr or Upwork can upload them in minutes if you can't do it).


As a Reseller you have the option to choose whichever format you prefer to offer your buyers.


- You will also receive an eBay auction template to use in your auctions.






Right now, all around you, pandemic frightened people are lying awake at night worrying about their bills.


Let's Do The Math!
Before we look at the numbers it's probably worth stating a few facts.

1) The average foreclosure in the United States last year could have been averted with just an additional $500 more per month.

2) More than 85% of Americans have less than $2,000.00 dollars in their savings account. This is after working most of their adult life in the wealthiest country on the planet.

3) More than 50% of US citizens are dealing with an "IRS issue." This is anything from not having paid all of their taxes this year to legal problems and being in danger of going to court (or jail)!

Can you relate to these issues?

If you answered "yes" here is your chance to change it.


Let's look at the numbers. (Remember, these income calculations are for illustration purposes only. You may earn more, less, based upon your effort).

The chart shows the money you can make from sales of  "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay!"


When you sell the number on the left you can see how much money you would make in a month.


Sold Daily

30 Days Earnings











(Your earning potential is unlimited)

You Profit Fast!

Remember, just one sale of the "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" system and you have made your money back!


Then all the money you make from that point forward is pure profit.

Some folks have become jaded by their failure to make money online in the past which causes them to make a huge mistake!


They think because they haven't made money that the internet is too saturated and that you can no longer make money on it.

Let me assure you that these people are wrong! Never forget that online money making records are being shattered all the time (especially during the pandemic).


Sunday Night Dread?
Looking for a quick cure to the "Sunday Night Dread?"


You know, that horrible feeling in the pit in your stomach each Sunday night. It comes from the mere thought of returning to work Monday.


Let "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" be your solution to ending this nagging problem and starting to create the cash flow you need to leave that job (or boss you hate) for good!







If you do not take advantage of these powerful techniques, strategies, and methods revealed in the "100 Dollars A Day, Or More, On eBay" system you may be destined to continue throwing your money away on expensive products that don't reveal the truth about how to make real money yourself.


Discover what others will not tell you about making real money online with digital products!








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